Vancouver Body Confidence Coach + Boudoir Photographer
Chelsey Luren Dixon

Hey Beautiful!


I'm Chelsey. I'm on a mission to help women to end their dysfunctional relationships with food, and heal body image so they can feel confident, worthy and free.

Why? Because I struggled with an eating disorder for 12 years before I decided to turn my life around.

Now 8 years later I help women who are where I once was. Through body confidence coaching and boudoir photography, I help my clients to reconnect with themselves, to end the struggle with dieting and hating their bodies.

By showing the path I walked, I provide them the tools and the know-how to create lasting transformation, for them to embody the free, successful, and vibrant woman they know deep down they're meant to be.

You ready to reclaim your life? Come join me.

XOXO, Chelsey

I help women to: 






  • You’ve been worrying what others think of your body, and hating it so much that you’ve forgotten who you are, what you love in life, and let it stop you from having the life, relationships and success you desire.

  • You're 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to end the battle of hating yourself, and worrying about what to eat All. The. Time.

  • You’re not looking for a quick fix - because NONE of them have worked - and are finally READY to do the work to end the fight against your body and food.

  • You know that feeling confident, worthy, and proud of yourself are what you want… but instead your norm is feeling guilt, shame, and self hate that haven't budged.

  • You've tried every diet there is, and still don't feel confident, free, happy, or even okay with yourself, your body or food. In fact, you feel completely controlled by it in your every waking moment.

  • You're stuck, overwhelmed, and have NO IDEA how to get from where you are right now, to where you want to be. The thought of having someone who ‘gets it’ so you know you’re no longer along is exactly what you have been needing.

  • You are just straight up DONE. You know can't keep fighting your body and dieting over and over again... but you feel trapped. You don't know how to move forward, because things have always been this way, but you are ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to change.

If that resonates with you,
I'd love to be your guide.
Here's my story...

After a 12 year battle with an eating disorder nearly made me a statistic, I immersed myself into a healing journey to reclaim my life, and finally end the war I’d been waging against myself, my body, and meals. 

Fast forward through treatment programs, thousands of hours of personal development, and a radical commitment to self love, and I beat the odds by making a full recovery.

Nearly a decade later, and my life looks nothing like it once did. I don’t think the same, I don’t act the same, I am not the same woman.

I now work with women who are where I once was - consumed, controlled, held captive by food, bad body image, and worrying what others thought. My personal transformation is the blueprint I use to help women heal their body confidence struggles, their fight with against nourishment, and feeling ‘not good enough’.


By bringing together body confidence coaching, and boudoir photography, I provide a safe and judgement-free space for women to reconnect with their bodies, to heal their relationship to food, and embody the best version of themselves.

Working with me is all about unlearning the stories of ‘You’re not enough’, taking radical ownership to reclaim your power, and peeling back the layers for you to reconnect with your Soul Level Self. The vibrant, free, confident and empowered woman you long to be is already here. She’s been here all along, and has been waiting for you to dive in to uncover her.

If you’re ready to lose the struggle with mealtime, and cut negative self talk so you can finally feel confident, and worthy of the live you deeply desire, consider this your permission slip, and personal invitation to freedom.

Come join me in a personalized body confidence coaching and boudoir photography experience to transform your life, and embody the woman you know you’re meant to be.

Ready to reclaim you life? Then let’s do this.

XOXO, Chelsey