Vancouver Body Confidence Coach + Boudoir Photographer

Build an unshakeable foundation of confidence, and reconnect with yourself.



Confidence Through Connection


A 40 page e-workbook dedicated to helping you embody the best version of yourself.


Are you looking to finally feel connected with You, and build an unshakeable foundation of confidence within Yourself?



Heal your relationship with You. 

Address the root causes of your body image struggles, and low confidence holding You back.

Shift the beliefs, and fears that keep You from being your best You.  

Reconnect with Yourself, and find the freedom in being your Soul Level Self. 

Begin living the life You dream of - and know You are fully worthy of it.

Here's what you'll learn:

How to give yourself permission to create a life you love
How to have compassion for yourself
The reasons why you’re a gift to the world
How to accept yourself
The 7 step method to shifting beliefs that aren’t serving you
How to reconnect with yourself
How to shift your emotional state
Practical ways to apply what you learn
What to do when you don’t know what to do
How to integrate all of it into your life
The next steps to take in order to elevate your life.

About the author

Chelsey Luren Dixon is a body image coach and boudoir photographer. 

After a 12 year battle with anorexia nearly took her life and made her a statistic, she immersed herself in a journey to heal herself. After dedicating herself to her transformation, she beat the odds, making a full recovery and completely revolutionizing her relationship with herself. 

Along the way, Chelsey’s mission to help women became clear. To help women - who are where she once was - to heal their relationship with themselves, to learn to love themselves wholly, and in turn embody the best + most authentic version of who they desire to be. 


Confidence Through Connection is a culmination of a decade worth of wisdom that allowed Chelsey to transform her own life, and outlines how you to transform your own life! 

If you’re looking to reconnect with yourself, rediscover who you are, and reawaken yourself to your desires + dreams, then consider Confidence Through Connection your invitation to do just that!


If you're finally ready to end the war of self hate you've been waging, and finally feel the freedom, confidence and self love you desire


Then Confidence Through Connection is your entrance ticket there.

Confidence Through Connection