Welcome to day 2 

of the 5 day Self Care Challenge!

It's day 2 of the Self Care Challenge and today we are focusing on gratitude!

If you've been in The Dame Dome for a while, you'll know how important I feel that appreciation plays in our confidence and self care routine.

When I refer to  gratitude, I'm not simply referring to saying a quick “Thanks!” What true gratitude really is though, is a feeling in the body of deep appreciation. It's a feeling that give us the warm and fuzzies.

The best part about gratitude?

When we feel grateful, it’s not possible to feel anxiety or fear at the same time.

Since gratitude is the opposite emotion from anxiety and fear, they can’t both be present in the same moment. So if you’re feeling anxious or stressed, gratitude is the easiest way to shift out from those low vibes. And that is why it's a focus in this Self Care Challenge!

Your homework is this:

Pick one thing - it can be BIG or small - and answer this question

“If I chose to be grateful about one thing, what would that be?” 

How would you show up? How would your day be different? How would you feel if you chose to be grateful?

Once you’ve come up with your answershare in The Dame Dome what it’s like to settle into a feeling of deep gratitude.

I can’t wait to read your response there!

XOXO, Chelsey