Welcome to day 3

of the 5 day Self Care Challenge!

Can you believe that we're already at the halfway mark of the Self Care Challenge? 

I'm excited that we're already here and can't wait to share with you what we're diving into today!

The focus of day 3 of the Self Care Challenge is ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance is a crucial part of any routine of self care. Without acceptance or being okay with what is, it’s impossible to ever fully come to a place of love. 

We’re all seeking a deep felt sense of self love, and to get there, we must first bring self acceptance into the picture. 

When we bring acceptance in, over time, that allows the love we’re craving to show up.

But wait, if I accept something that I want to change, doesn’t that mean I’m getting complacent and giving up?

In short, no. 

Acceptance does not equate to complacency. 

For us to create any lasting change, it must to come from a place of acceptance and love. If we try to change with fear and hate as the basis, it will never be sustainable (think yoyo dieting for example), nor will it create the self love that we’re all seeking. For change to create the love we want, it needs a foundation built on love.

If we try to jump straight from a place of hate into self love, our brains will automatically reject it. The bridge in the gap from hate to love is acceptance. 

Self hate is a choice, just as much as Self acceptance is a choice.

Here’s your homework to start feeling more acceptance:

  1. Select a part of your body that you haven’t yet accepted.
  2. Choose to feel grateful for this part of your body. List all of the things that this body part does for you and the way that you are benefited by this part of your body.
  3. Share in The Dame Dome which part of your body you are choosing to accept, to feel grateful for, and what that experience was like for you.