Welcome to Day 4 

of the 5 day Self Care Challenge!


Thank you for being here for day 4 of the Self Care Challenge. Today I’m going to dive right in with you, and we’re talking all about BOUNDARIES.

I know that boundaries - especially for my fellow perfectionists and people pleasers - can be a really scary aspect of self care. And believe me, I more than understand that fear, because I lived that life for decades.

But when we set boundaries for ourselves, guidelines for how we allow other people to treat us, and when we able to say “No”. When we say what we mean, we are allowing ourselves to say “Yes” to what really lights us up. 

Through those boundaries, we create SO much space in our life to become the brightest versions of ourselves. And those same boundaries allow us to teach others how to do the same for themselves by way of our example. Our self care teaches those we love how to care for themselves as well.

When you say no to things that drain you, you are saying yes to things that light you up, and from that place you are able to become the best version of yourself. 

Your homework for today is this:

  • Ask yourself “What is a boundary that I need to set in my life - with myself or with another person - in order to care for my needs?”
  • Share that boundary in the Dame Dome.

You don’t need to express this boundary right now with the particular person you want it set with, or even to enforce it right now. But share this in the Dame Dome. All of us are on this journey together and are here to support one another.

You’ve got this girl!

XOXO, Chelsey