Welcome to Day 5

of the 5 day Self Care Challenge!

You’ve made it, you’re here at the last day of the Self Care Challenge!

We are topping the challenge off with ACKNOWLEDGEMENT.

How often do you do something that is verifiably awesome, but don’t give yourself credit or deny recognition for your accomplishments? Do you slough off compliments or warmly accept them?

When we acknowledge ourselves for the amazing things we do, that is an act of self care in and of itself.

This is something that comes natural and we share easily with others. We deserve that same credit, recognition and acknowledgement that we spread around to others.  

Having made it to the last day of the challenge is the perfect opportunity to practice it. And so that is what we get to do for ourselves today. 

Your homework for day 5 is this:

  • Select one thing from this week that you’ve done that you can choose to be proud of - whether big or small, whatever you choose is perfect
  • Share your accomplishment in the Dame Dome, and let us celebrate with you!