6 Month Coaching Program + Bonus 1 Day Intensive

6 Month Coaching Program + Bonus 1 Day Intensive


What’s included:

✓ Survival to Thrival workbook 
✓ 90 minute Intention Setting + Life Design Session - We’ll get to know each other better, set intentions for our 6 months together and create a vision of a life that feels good to you.
✓ 24 x 60 minute Empowerment Sessions - We’ll meet once a week, 4x a month. Here’s where we dive in and do the deep work needed, to uncover beliefs that are holding you back, create new ones to support you, and empower you to live a life by design. 
✓ 6 x Integration Weeks with email support - Taking place every 4th week. These powerful periods allow you to deeply integrate by implementing the changes, strategies and action plans. I’ll be there supporting you via email. 
✓ 2 x 30 minute Soul Support Sessions - This means that when you are facing a really tough situation, and need extra support, I’ve got you covered, and am there for you. 
✓ AND Resource recommendation, worksheets + meditations as needed, goal setting, action plans, and accountability to continue to propelling you forward as you take the steps towards your desires and dreams.
✓ PLUS Bonus 1 Day 1:1 Intensive to help further propel you towards your dreams, and desires with deep soul level support to help guide you there.

Each 60 minute coaching session is designed to help you:

  • RECONNECT with your Soul Level Self

  • REDISCOVER the woman you are

  • REAWAKEN your dreams + desires

This is not therapy. Coaching with me is about focusing on creating solutions to help you craft the life you want to live - in the present, and on into a future you design + love.

I believe this: There's nothing wrong with you. Working with me is all about digging in, taking radical ownership, and seeing how mind-blowingly amazing life can get when you tap into your inner vibrance.

You in?

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Results and Guarantees:

While I can't guarantee your results, here's what I do promise: 

I promise that I will show up fully for you, every. single. session. I will hold space for you, hear you out, and hash things over without an ounce of judgement. I will offer you accountability, tough love when you need it, and the empathy required amidst this work. I will ask you questions to move through your blocks, so you create the answers that will be the foundation of the live you desire to live. I will provide you the space needed to lean into your light, and the brightest version of yourself. 

Ultimately, you determine your results. You will get out what you are willing to put in. So if you're willing to dive deep, to be vulnerable, to venture outside of your comfort zone - you can absolutely transform your life with my help.

Refunds, Returns, Exchanges:

Due to the custom nature of coaching, all sales are final. As I only work with a small handful of clients at a time, when an program is claimed, that space is no longer made available to other potential clients. As such, no refunds, returns, exchanges, or rescheduling is permitted, no exceptions.


Once your coaching program has been purchased, I will be in touch with all the information you need and the link to my calendar to book your time will be sent.