The Free Tigress Tribe is For Women Who... | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer Body Image Coach


Did you know that for the past 2 years I have had a private Facebook community for women to come together to celebrate their self love journeys, body positivity, and their own personal growth?

The Tigress Tribe is for women who:

✓ Are not satisfied with the status quo in their level of personal development, self love journey, and relationship with themselves.

✓ Want to have a better, more healthy, more loving relationship with themselves and their bodies.

✓ Are willing to lean into their fears in order to heal their body image + their self relationship.

✓ Want more than the cards they have been dealt and they are ready to create their reality regardless of where they now stand.

I believe that all of us women have an inner Alpha Tigress: 

A woman who is unafraid to say what she wants and is willing to go after it with passion. Feminine, vulnerable, and soft, while able to hold her ground, state to the world what she wants while going after it without shame, or shrinking herself to make others comfortable.

It’s who we all are at the core.

✓ This group is a safe space for you to lean into her and reconnect with that part of you that you’ve kept tucked away.

In order for each of us to reconnect with our Alpha Tigress, we get to clear the path for our self love to flourish. We get to reflect and question the stories + beliefs we have been given, and decide what our chosen truths are in our hearts.

It’s in our power to decide if what we were taught to believe about ourselves, our dreams, our bodies, and every other facet has been at the heart of who our own Alpha Tigress is.

If you'd like to join, or if you know of another Alpha Tigress who is simply waiting for the safe space to emerge, please feel free to invite them into the Tribe.

Come join me, and let's play 🐯