5 Ways to Love Your Body More

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Those who know me and have worked with me, know firsthand how much of an advocate for body positivity and self love I am.

Being someone who grew up with a very distorted view of my body and has worked HARD to shift this, I now see how important self love, and body positivity are. Body love and confidence applies to not only the work I do as a boudoir photographer, but it's also an integral aspect of everyday life. If you don't feel good about yourself or your body, how many areas of your life are in turn impacted? (Answer: Every. Single. Aspect.)

There are so many things that can bring us down, leaving us feeling less than stellar about ourselves, and in turn our bodies.

I remember so many different times that I was unduly harsh towards myself. To be honest, this is still something that comes up for me on occasion. But over the years I have come leaps and bounds. I am so proud of that progress, and it's for that reason that I want to share with you all these tips. 

Here are my personal tips on 5 ways to love your body more!

1. Stop fat talk and body bashing:

Not only are body bashing and fat talk a sure-fire way to make those around you feel poorly about themselves, but it will also keep you focused purely on what you dislike about your body. Put a personal ban on fat talk and body bashing to start feeling better about your body image.

2. Focus on your strengths and talents:

Repeat after me, “I am more than a body.” If your self esteem rests only on your appearances, it will be shaky at best. What happens if you gain a few pounds, find a grey hair or a wrinkle appears? You have talents and abilities far beyond the physical that deserve credit. Don’t deny yourself, it’s time to give credit where credit is due.

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3. Don’t elevate one body type over another:

Every body type is beautiful and everyone deserves to feel that way. If you put one above another and don’t meet it exactly you will only feel negativity towards your bod. Don’t raise one body type above another and trust me when I say all bodies are beautiful.

4. Question your insecurities and doubts:

Ask why. Find out the reasons why you feel the way that you do. Try to see if there are patterns or situations that put you in a negative headspace. It’s easier to work on changing negative body image when you can pinpoint what is making you feel that way.

5. Cut yourself some slack:

Changing your perspective and becoming more body positive takes time and persistence. Living with confidence and learning to accept your body are no easy feats. But don’t give up because the results and gains are well worth it.


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