Alison | Vancouver Maternity Photoshoot Client Testimonial

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Today, I am so grateful, honoured and excited to share with you images and a testimonial from Alison's Vancouver maternity photoshoot.

I could sit here talking for ages about being able to photograph her on multiple occasions and how much I love this incredible woman, but instead, I am going to let her words do the talking.

Chelsey Luren Portraits - Alison | Maternity Glamour Photoshoot Client Testimonial5.jpg

"I have had the astounding good fortune of being photographed by Chelsey twice now.  Once for boudoir and recently for maternity photos.  Opposite ends of the spectrum but with the same comfort level, ease and fun!  There is truly no comparable experience.

Chelsey is an advocate for body positivity and living her truth and she has this authentic way of bringing out the beauty in you.  As someone who has struggled with weight since high school, it can be a daunting thing to have your photo taken in lingerie while attempting to appear sexy.

When it's Chelsey behind the camera in that situation, any insecurities you may have had when you walked in the door melt away.

Then you get those gorgeous photos to take home and whenever you have a moment of doubt you can look at them and remind yourself "You are beautiful".  

So when I was 7 months pregnant, having dealt with 7 months of "morning" (all day*) sickness and feeling just awful, there was no better person to bring out that beauty in me again.  These new photos bring me to tears because Chelsey has cemented in time an enormously special moment in my life in the most genuine way possible. 

I truly can't say enough about Chelsey but I don't have to.  Let her photograph you, and when you walk out of her studio with a big smile on your face and a newfound confidence, you'll know for yourself."

Thank you so much Alison!

For allowing me to capture your beauty.
For allowing me to take you on a journey of transformation into self love.
For sharing your incredibly kind words about your own personal experience.
For straight up being a rockstar. 

If you are currently looking to capture your pregnancy in the most beautiful ways possible, I would love to help capture this amazing time in your life through portraiture.

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