Vancouver Boudoir Photographer - Madi's Client Testimonial + Rave Review

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When I began my career as a boudoir photographer and body image coach, the entire driving force was something WAY bigger than me.

To give some context: I experienced an eating disorder for 12 years before ever seeking help to recover and heal my relationship with myself. When I finally dedicated myself to my recovery and dove in with both feet,  it completely transformed my life. 

After 3 years of deep diving, and hard work, I didn't act, think, speak, look or feel the same way I once did. I chose to celebrate my journey through a boudoir photoshoot, and in that moment, my entire world shifted.  

As I stared at my photos through tears of joy and astonishment, I knew right then and there that I had to make this my life's work. It became my calling to help women see their beauty, to reconnect to their bodies and to embrace their journey through boudoir photography.

My why became something much bigger than myself. It had purpose and meaning. It had legs to carry the weight of my story and those of other women like myself.

By me healing my relationship with myself, food and my body, I am able to hold space for the women who venture into my studio. I'm able to honour those who push the edges of their comfort zone, and do something to reconnect to themselves. Those women who walked paths so close to my own hold a special place in my heart. 

One such woman, is Madi.

We first met at the start of a wave of deep personal development. Both of us going through our own experiences together, we hit it off right away. During the first coffee (or iced chai almond latte in my case) in Gastown together, I was blown away by her honesty, strength, and intrinsic beauty. 

I am so honoured to have been able to photograph her, to capture her essence, and now to be able to share her story with you here. These are the words that Madi had to say about her photoshoot experience with me in my Vancouver boudoir studio with Chelsey Luren Portraits.

Madi's Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot Testimonial

"My biggest fear was getting the photos back and being critical, which would defeat the purpose of the shoot. It definitely did not come true! I got the photos and was absolutely in love with them. I could see the confidence, love, and connection I have grown.

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"My favourite part was getting ready, it was so much fun! We laughed and chatted, it was an amazing way to just get present and in my body.

Chelsey is absolutely amazing! She does an absolutely incredible job of capturing more than just a photo. She truly captures your essence. It's beautiful to be able to see yourself like the rest of the world!"

- Madi

I got the photos and was absolutely in love with them. I could see the confidence, love, and connection I have grown.
— Madi

Thank you Madi for allowing me to capture your beauty, for entrusting me to share your story, and to reconnect deeply to my message and the reason why I became a boudoir photographer in the first place.

If you resonated with Madi's story, or have one of your own that you want to embrace and celebrate, I would love to help create boudoir images that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Email me at or call at 778-385-2225 to book your free consultation today!

You're beautiful. Let me help you feel it. 

XOXO, Chelsey 

Hair + Makeup by Kristin Esson of Pretty Please XOX