Give Yourself Permission to Feel Good

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"If it's important, you'll find a way. If it isn't, you find an excuse."

I've found from speaking with so many women - from growing up in a household full of women, from working with them daily, and from being one myself - that more often than not, women feel the need to have an excuse to feel good. Justifications and reasons for doing something with the sole purpose of feeling good are prerequisites. We expend so much energy and time giving of ourselves to others, but rarely give that same love and care back to ourselves.

I propose that it's time we get rid of the need to have an excuse to feel good. What if we simply decided that we were allowed to feel good, simply because we wanted to? What if we gave ourselves permission to feel good?

Now, if you're anything like me, the first time I heard that question asked of me, I laughed. "What do you mean I don't have to give a reason to do something nice for myself?". Laughter quickly became worries of being seen as selfish for putting myself first, or saying no to someone else for doing something that I really want immediately begin to flood in.

Fast forward a few years, and here I am. Routinely taking myself on solo movie dates (which, by the way is INCREDIBLE and I highly recommend) and savouring iced chai lattes on the daily because, wait for it... makes me feel amazing.

So how did I get from there, to where I now stand?

It's important for me to first recognize the role that working extremely hard on my recovery from eating disorder and progressing towards healing both my depression and anxiety disorder. Seeking the help that I needed from trained professionals gave me the strength and base to be able to make further shifts on my own. I would not be the woman I am today, and without hyperbole, likely even alive today without having made that stand for myself. If you are struggling with any of the same issues or any mental health issue, I highly encourage you to seek help. Remember, it takes far more strength to ask for help than to muddle through the muck and the mire on your own.

The second factor in me making a shift I'm so grateful for having a passion for showing other women how incredible and beautiful they are. It has becom

It's through that mission I have been able to learn to see my own beauty. It's created a Being able to show other women their own beauty helps me to find my own for the times when i feel it least of all. It creates an unstated impact on those around us

The third factor in being able to give myself permission to feel good was because I saw other women giving themselves permission. By virtue of them being in their power and allowing themselves to feel good, it gave me the same permission. Their leading by example helped me to model what they were doing and create the same experience for myself.

So if you're still looking for a reason to have a boudoir or glamour photoshoot, let it be this:

By you giving yourself the allowance to feel good, you in turn give those around you that same allowance. How you feel about yourself will help other women to shift the relationships they have with themselves. When others see you care for yourself and treat yourself with the grace, love, compassion and connection that every human deserves to feel, it can be emulated by others. Giving yourself that kind of permission will help create shifts in those around you. Shifts in the women you care for most in your life. Sisters, mothers, daughters, friends. 

I invite you to a transformative photoshoot experience that will allow you to shift back into the love you lost for yourself. 

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- XOXO, Chelsey


Chelsey Luren Portraits Vancouver Confidence photographer Eating disorder Recovery
Chelsey Luren Portraits Vancouver Confidence photographer