Mothers, Exist in Photographs

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One day, your children will go to look for photographs of you, what will they find?

I recently sat down and came to the realization that I myself had NO portraits of my mother. Sure, there was the odd photo of her here and there over the past 30 years or so. But no portrait that was a true reflection of who she is.

This was distressing, not simply because I am the portrait photographer of Chelsey Luren Portraits, but because she is my mother.

The woman who raised me; who bandaged my skinned knees, helped with my science fair projects, and who helped to shape me into the person I am today, does not exist in photographs. 

Upon realizing this, I gave her a call and (much to her dismay) told her that she could not put it off any longer and booked her in for a portrait photoshoot session at my Vancouver studio.

For as long as I can recall, my mother has been firmly planted in hating every photograph that has ever been taken of herself. The belief that she is not photogenic is one that she deeply engrained upon herself, and one that I grew ever more determined to shift.

As a contemporary portrait photographer, a body positivity activist and her daughter, I felt it was my mission to alter her perspective.

Thankfully, I know something with 100% certainty. And that is this: There is no such thing as photogenic. It does not exist. It is not some magical gift you're born with.

Looking good in front of the camera has EVERYTHING to do with how comfortable you are. And that is my job. I coach every single person who steps foot in front of my camera through their entire portrait photo shoot. I direct you every step of the way so that you are comfortable and can have the best photograph you've ever seen of yourself. 

I know this because I have seen it hundreds of times in the women I have photographed.

I am so proud to say that I was able to shift my mom’s belief and she now has beautiful photographs of herself. Images that she and our entire family will love for generations to come.

You deserve to exist in photographs. For yourself, for your children and those you hold dear. I would love to photograph you to not only to capture your beauty but to celebrate your relationships. 

One day, your children will go to look for photographs of you, what will they find?

I invite you to a complimentary consultation. Let us design the photoshoot of your dreams and capture the images of yourself that you deserve to have.

Email to claim your free consultation today. I can't wait to create these legacy portraits for you and your family!

- XOXO, Chelsey


Hair and Makeup by: Ayesha Lakha

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