My Responsibility to You from 2018 Onward

2018 responsibility.png

With it being the first week of the year, it only feels right to start off with full transparency, and honesty with all of you incredible dames.

A few weeks ago, I was in the swing of things:

- I was creating. 
- I was in the flow.
- I was thriving.

...Things were GOOD.

Fast forward to today, and things feel distinctly different. My heart and head feel messy, fearful and uncertain. It's uncomfortable.

You see, as 2017 faded away I made the commitment to myself that as a multi-faceted woman I am (Read: Body image coach, Vancouver boudoir photography expert, entrepreneur, wife, sister, artist, fill in the blank with your favourite adjective), I am no longer going to play small.

I can no longer feed into the small part of myself: My fears, limits, insecurities, anxieties, or otherwise. I can't shrink myself in order to make those around me - who are choosing to play small - comfortable.

I can't shrink myself in order to make those around me - who are choosing to play small - comfortable.

In order for me to do the work I am being called to do - to help women rediscover their intrinsic beauty, and reawaken themselves to their innate worth - I cannot operate from a place of fear.

I cannot feed into my fear, because none of it is about me. Had this work been around when I was at the height of my eating disorder and body image struggles, my path would have been WAY easier, FAR more defined, and SO much less lonely.

And so, instead of playing small, I get to feel the fear and do it anyway. Accept it, include it, and move forward regardless.

To make sure that I no longer fuel my smallness, I had to remove all other options. I could give myself no possibility other than greatness - of being fully alive, expressed, abundant, vibrant and in my power.

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As I now recalibrate myself to my new reality, my ego and the voice of self doubt have crept in, and leave me in the experience of feeling more anxious than I have in a long time.

For so long I would say that I wanted to live a big and full life - but would always shy away when the time came to rise up. After reflecting, I realized it came down to me giving myself the option of backing down. I was providing myself an out.

And then I was reminded of this quote:

"In order to take the island, you must burn the boats."

"In order to take the island, you must burn the boats"

In order to step up fully, to show up as the woman I know I'm meant to be, and to serve the women who need my work most, I had to remove any other option. So I burnt the rafts, ships and boats that would give me a choice to back down.

This is not a resolution, it's a vow.

And while it may be uncomfortable, bumpy or bring me anxiety, my standards have been raised in order to raise up those around me.

2018 is going to be a game changer and I cannot wait to have all of you alongside me for it.

So Dame, it's your turn! I would love to know, what new standard have you raised for yourself for 2018?

Leave me a comment below and share your response!

XOXO, Chelsey