Power Talk | Nicole Vicente of Tease Lux Lingerie

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Power Talks is a series I've been passionate about on this blog for a long while now. It's where we interview local business owners, those who help to women to empower themselves, and those who just downright rock.

In today's edition of Power Talks we are interviewing Nicole Vicente of Tease Luxury Lingerie!

I have had the privilege of working alongside her on a number of occasions, and I can assure you, she is even more lovely than the beautiful luxury lingerie she sells. Here's a firsthand look at our interview together:

Chelsey: So first and foremost, tell me about yourself and your lingerie boutique!

Nicole: Hi I am Nicole, and I am addicted to lingerie! I always found myself so inspired by lingerie, it adds a silent confidence and empowers me to feel sexier. As a lingerie lover, and entrepreneur I created Tease Lingerie as an online lingerie lounge. We house unique lingerie from all over the world. I really wanted to share my favourite styles and embrace women’s sexuality in a classy, luxurious and social way.

C: As an entrepreneur, who or what do you find the most motivating and inspiring?

N: Being an entrepreneur is a truly inspiring lifestyle. I have a love for being an entrepreneur because I am in charge of motivating myself. I am creatively fuelling my brand, observing the growth of my business while working my butt off! There are a lot of ups and downs, but what truly motivates me is creativity. Watching your dreams and visions come to life is truly inspiring, and fuels you for your next project. I have had the pleasure to work with a lot of amazing entrepreneurs. I admire females who know what they want, value their work, are talented in their field and have huge hearts.

C: What are your favourite lingerie trends this season?

N: I am loving sheer right now: sheer over dresses, and sheer bra panels. Bright daring colours for bras and panties, and luxurious, colourful silk kimono robes.

You can never go wrong with anything strappy, this always adds sex appeal.

C: I wholeheartedly believe that all women are beautiful; everyone has different body types and styles. In your opinion what lingerie styles are universally beautiful on all body types?

N: I agree, lingerie is unique for each body type. It is a personal journey. The most important thing is fit. So easily enough the right bra and sexy panty can really do wonders for your sex appeal. Some bras are created for busty women, as others are created for small-busted women. Knowing your body type and what type of lingerie your looking for is very helpful for choosing. Some lingerie I would only recommend for seduction, as some can be used on an everyday basis.

This was an important factor for me when creating Tease’s online store to have a helpful hand in deciding on the appropriate lingerie for your body type and occasion.

C: What are some of the brands that you carry? What are your personal favourites?

N: Tease is carrying brands such as, UK brand Kriss Soonik, handmade Los Angeles native Alexandrea Anissa, Erica M luxury hosiery made in Italy. Right now I am loving KissKill's Australian brand. It’s edgy and sexy but still very sweet and sophisticated. The “Capri Bra” is my serious fave; imagine a black eyelash lace bralette. You can even wear this under a sheer tank for something edgy and sexy.

My other favorite is For Love and Lemons based in Los Angeles; this brand is living on the edge of hippy- punk. It’s the chic modern day hippie. The “Bat Your Lashes Bra” is another bralette providing support, sex appeal, and you can still wear it as a cute tank!

C: If one of your clients has no previous experience with luxury lingerie, how can you tell if what you’re buying is quality lingerie? Are there specific markers to look for?

N: Luxury lingerie is in the details. Quality materials are used, French laces, silks, and craftsmanship is noticeable. I love luxury lingerie because there is a great effort put into fit and craftsmanship. Luxury lingerie is made in small detailed batches as apposed to assembly line styles. You will notice the difference!

A person’s view of what is luxurious is based on life experience and knowledge, availability where they live, and their income. So I truly believe you have to find lingerie that is luxurious to you.

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C: I think that a lot of times women can find lingerie to be intimidating. Any tips for those looking for a confidence boost before getting dolled up?

N: This is for you girl! Embrace it. Lingerie is personal journey. I believe in feeling good, and allowing the lingerie to be an accessory to your attitude. Body image is something every women struggles with. No body is created perfect. Accepting “flaws” is part of the accepting that this is the body you have and own for your lifetime. You might as well embrace your beautiful self and enjoy what you have to offer. That being said choose lingerie based on what makes you feel beautiful, sexy and happy.

C: What’s next for Tease? Are there any big changes or upcoming events that we need to know about?

N: I want Tease to grow. I am a huge social media addict and I love lingerie fashion trends. In the near future we are starting our own private label, introducing our own luxury couture items. This means exclusive small batches of unique items. I want to provide what our customers are looking for and what they are struggling to find.

C: Any other thoughts you wanted to share with our readers before we wrap up?

N: I started Tease to help women feel confident in their sexuality and embrace being a woman. I felt that women’s sexuality is often suppressed and looked down upon. I feel so opposed to that ancient idea. We are sexual living beings and there is so much beauty in women that we sometimes aren’t able to share because we feel ashamed. We want to break that, I want women to fee l comfortable and confident in their bodies and enjoy being sensual and sexy! Lingerie helps you break your normal ideas of yourself and live a little more fearless!

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I wanted to thank Nicole for taking the time to share her thoughts with all of us and being a part of the Power Talks series. I'm absolutely honoured to have had the opportunity to work alongside her for a number of projects and can't wait to see her progress both as my friend and as an entrepreneur.

- XOXO, Chelsey

Hair by: Amelia Celeste of In. Salon
Makeup by: Taryn Ronning
Lingerie: Tease Lux Lingerie