Power Talk: Kristal Barrett-Stuart Of Sparkle Project BC

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Today I'm excited to bring to you an inspiring interview with Kristal Barrett-Stuart. She is the Founder of The Sparkle Project BC.

Kristal and I first met at the Love Your Body Summit where both of us were vendors. While she was leading a workshop on vision boards, I was immediately drawn to her energy and passion for her work.

Having spent a bit more time with her during a photoshoot with me here at Chelsey Luren Portraits, we were able to have some incredible conversations. Getting to know her more, I knew she was the perfect fit for the Power Talk series.

So without further ado, here is our interview!

Chelsey Luren Portraits (CLP): Tell us a bit about your business! 

Kristen Barrett-Stuart (KBS): The Sparkle Project BC is a movement to inspire young girls to explore their passions, build their confidence, and share their sparkle with the world! It includes workshops, an inspirational handbook (Available on Amazon.ca), a song and music video and an annual empowerment event! 

CLP: As an entrepreneur, how did you get your start and what keeps you motivated? 

KBS: Passion and Purpose! First off it started with a passion: I had always dreamed of inspiring the next generation of female leaders, I wanted to write an inspirational book for teens and really wanted to offer valuable resources and inspiration to support every young girl through the toughest days (high school) it wasn’t until my daughter Kalli was born in 2011 that I finally had the purpose and motivation to go for these goals and I also wanted to pave a positive path for her future too. I started writing my book at night after I put her to sleep, I got very clear on my goals (I am a huge advocate for vision boards) and I started plugging away… before I knew it, The Sparkle Project BC was born. 

CLP: Is there a specific point of wisdom or inspiration for you that you’ve tried to incorporate into your business? 

KBS: Yes, vision boards! When I was struggling in high school and hit a real low in my life, my Mom sat down with me and made me make a vision board with her. It seriously changed my life as a young girl, being able to focus on my goals and my future instead of worrying about the daily things like how I didn’t fit in, who liked me and who didn’t and the comparison game. I felt so inspired to think beyond high school and I wanted to pass along that inspiration to young girls today, to get them excited for their future and remind them that these hard years are so short. 

CLP: What do you do for yourself to stay grounded, balanced and healthy? 

KBS: I try and meditate, yoga, family time, and I try and take at least one hour for myself each week (whether it’s meeting a friend for lunch, going for a pedicure or just sitting in silence with a good book) 

CLP: How important do you feel that body positivity, and self care are? Do you feel that these factors hold any impact on you as an entrepreneur? 

KBS: This is SOOO important! I remember really struggling with my confidence after I had my daughter and my body had changed so much, I felt miserable. Once I started to focus on my health all around (mind, body and soul) I felt unstoppable and that is when I started to manifest everything I had on my vision board. It was an amazing shift! You are most powerful when you are connected with yourself (mind, body, soul) and at the time I had “Mommy guilt” and thought it was selfish of me for wanting to go to the gym and work on myself but it is so far from the truth. We must take care of ourselves first so we can be the best versions of ourselves and in turn we are happy wives, Mom’s, friends and workers.  It really is a win-win for everyone! 

CLP: As a woman, I’m sure that you’ve at one point witnessed body image issues that have a tendency to run rampant for females in our society. Do you have a personal body image and confidence tip that you swear by? 

KBS: I am really big on positive affirmations, I bought a beautiful chalkboard and hung it in my room so I can change my affirmations as need be, if I let negative self talk in, I recognize it and turn it into a positive affirmation and then that goes up on my chalkboard for the week… or two ;) 

CLP: Any other thoughts you care to share with the world about yourself and your business?

KBS: As a mother, I just can’t stand the thought of my daughter growing up to lose the sight of what makes her special and inherently valuable. If the sparkle handbook, workshops, events, song and music video can give girls some really simple, practical advice and inspiration for holding onto the sparkle that makes them who they are, I feel like I’ve achieved one of my major goals in life. It’s time girls were taught to love themselves. 

Thank you so much Kristal for having taken the time to answer our questions! I loved to hear about The Sparkle Project BC and the waves it’s creating for young girls and women.

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- XOXO, Chelsey

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