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Through body image coaching and boudoir photography, I help women heal body image issues, and their relationship with themselves so that they can live a life they dream of and feel worthy of it all.

Before deciding to move in that direction, and being able to have the capacity of holding space + help others, there was a lot of healing to take place within myself. 

Eating disorders, anxiety, depression, codependencies, vices. 

While I've made leaps and bounds forward, there are still times I slip, fall, and find myself knocked on my ass.

It's in those times I have the choice to stay where I am, to let this become my truth, and the space where I live my life from. 

OR... I can choose to rise. To elevate, evolve, and emerge as a better version of me.

Today I choose to rise.

Because none of my struggles are about me. 

It's in the darkness of the caves I've fallen into, where I'm given the space to find gems worth unearthing there. When I feel that I'm never going to find my way out, I instead find the truths that become my guiding light home.

It's through falling into the caves and being lost in the maze of darkness that I learn how to help myself and in turn help others.
To move through my own experiences and heal myself is what allows me to help + guide others through their own darkness. To spelunk through their own caves to find their most precious gems.

None of it is about me, because it's only when I help myself that I can help others.

Today I choose to rise.


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