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Ahh, February 14th.

The day of the year that people shift their focus to love. 

...Queue eye roll.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love love.

The butterflies in your stomach. The rose coloured glasses. The way time slips away when you're spending time with that special someone. The sighs and fluttering eyes.

All those feel good feelings that circulate, keep you awake at night, and get the blood pumping are amazing.

But the fact of the matter is this:

We can only love another to the extent that we love ourselves first.

In order to really love another person, we need to love ourselves first.

How can that be?

Because the relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone for how we show up in every other one. 

If we are stuck in a cycle of negative self talk and low self confidence + esteem, that's what we bring to the table in all of the relationships in our life.

Instead of beating ourselves up for that fact, let's do something about it!

Dwelling in a state of self love takes time. It takes courage to show compassion for ourselves in the face of our mistakes and slip ups. It takes grace to forgive ourselves. It takes a willingness to allow ourselves to be human.

We fall in love with love, but self love is where the real goodness is at. To have compassion, and acceptance of all of our messy humanness is a foundational piece in a strong relationship with another because it sets the stage. The love we can feel for another person begins and ends with us. 

So this then begs the question:

  • What are you doing to love yourself more?
  • In what ways are you digging into self love deeper?
  • How can you strengthen the acceptance, love and compassion you have for yourself?

One of the core tools I used on my own healing journey from destructive eating disorder, into a state of self love - before I ever became a boudoir photographer and body image coach - has been self care.

To help in providing that to you, I’m really excited to offer this free 5 day Self Care Challenge to you. Here's what to expect through this video series :

 RECONNECT // To your body and to the goddess you are.

 ELEVATE // Your confidence.

✓ TRANSFORM // Your relationship with yourself.

Vancouver boudoir + body image coach self love tool

I designed the 5 day Self Care Challenge with the intention of helping set you to shift into deeper self love, and transcending the old patterns that keep self love at bay. 

So join me and start feeling the love that you really want, by sharing the love inwards first.

If you have any questions about anything within it, don’t hesitate even for a second to reach out to me. That’s what I’m here for :) 

And if you're looking for another tool to dive deeper into self care, a boudoir photoshoot may be the exact experience you've been seeking. 

Book your free consultation to see if a Signature Boudoir Session with Chelsey Luren Portraits is right for you!

I can't wait to dive into this self love journey even deeper with you!

XOXO, Chelsey