Why Healing the Relationship With Ourselves is a Privilege | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer + Body Image Coach

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Healing our body image issues and the relationship we have with ourselves is not work, but a privilege.

This realm of personal development - where we heal the relationship with ourselves, mend our body image woes and shift from low self esteem into radiant confidence - there are a lot of time, effort, energy, and resources are involved.  

To dive in and shift our lives takes a willingness to be uncomfortable, to face truths we may have ignored, to stand in places of our shame in order to heal.

More often than not, this is referred to as the "work" in this industry. And while it's true that it takes energy to begin creating shifts and changes to see the progress we desire - it's far from work.

In fact it's a true privilege to be able to even consider shifting how we feel about ourselves.


It's a privilege because 9.6% of the world's population lives in extreme poverty.

The reality is that, even being able to read this information is a privilege.

  • To have had an education to read, and comprehend the words here.
  • To have access to the internet, and all the information here.
  • To have the time to read, or pause to think about any of this.  
  • It's a privilege to have the resources, time and mental capacity to dive in and do this work.  

If you're able to take in this information, it is your responsibility to do this work. To heal yourself. To learn to love yourself + your body. To reconnect with yourself and honour your dreams + desires.

Healing our body image issues and the relationship we have with ourselves is not work, but a privilege.
— Chelsey Luren Dixon

Because here’s the thing about this “work” we get to do - the leaning in to heal the pain we have surrounding our bodies, mending the relationship with ourselves, and celebrating ourselves in a big way when we do - we don’t only impact our own lives through it.

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We impact everyone around us. We set the tone for how the world will treat us. 

And even more than that, we teach the young ones around us what their map of the world can be. We show those generations who come after us how to speak, and how to treat ourselves by way of our example. 

We can talk all the live long day to them, and tell them of the compassion for self and others that their world needs to be laced with. But our actions and energy have power that far surpass what is spoken.

So my question for you is this:

What is the message you are teaching the next generation through the way you treat yourself?

This post is a calling to those who are ready to heal. To those ready to lean in. To those who are shaping our future through example. This is your calling to rise through healing yourself.

Are you in?

Let's do this 🔥


Photography: Chelsey Luren Portraits
Mama Muse: Tara Teng
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