Why I Became a Boudoir Photographer and Body Image Coach | Vancouver, Canada


For so long I have shied away from sharing the truth of my soul and the path I have walked. I have muted the calling to be more, do more, give more to the world. I have tried to hide away, to disown, to ignore, and deny parts of myself. 

I love the work I do as a boudoir photographer and body image coach - it sets my soul ablaze.

But the fear in being seen while in my truth is one that runs deep. “What will people say? What if they hate me? What if I offend someone? What if nobody gets it and I’m alone in this world?” The thoughts sting and make me want to retreat into myself and hide away from the light.

However, knowing the journey I’ve been on and the radical changes I have made in my own life - I can no longer play small. 

Shifting out of deep rooted body image issues, the “not good enough"ness, eating disorders, and more, ↠↠ And into not only healing myself and making a full recovery along the way, but now using that as my fuel.

My history has become the foundation and the why behind my work as a boudoir photographer and body image coach. 

There are so few examples of what’s even possible when it comes to this transformational self love work, and even less guidance on HOW to it. 

When I began 8 years ago, there was no one to show me the way, no steps to follow in, nobody to hold my hand. Nobody told me how much you can truly change your own life.

To play small and deny the world the work I know I’m meant to do is selfish.

It’s my responsibility to do this work. To show up alongside my fear, and light the stones to step along. This is the calling of my soul, and I am choosing to step up.

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If you are done with the struggle and war against yourself, or this resonates with you, please reach out. I would love to connect.

Thank you to Nyshe Media for capturing such a beautiful interview and behind the scenes video that showcases why I do what I do. 



Creative Team:

Videography: Nyshe Media
Muse: Carly Stone
Hair and Makeup: Pretty Please XOX