Why My Self Love Journey Will Never Stop | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer Body Image Coach

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While it scares me to show up so vulnerable, I think it's important to do so and share, because it might help you if you're someone who is facing something similar.

This morning the topic of worthiness has been weighing on my heart.

Thinking of all the ways that I have held myself back based purely on not feeling good enough, or worthy of what I've really wanted.

I have healed a LOT of this within myself. 8 years of hard work and my relationship has transformed + blossomed in so many beautiful ways.

All that being said, feeling unworthy + not good enough still shows its face to me on occasion.

...And it showed up in a BIG way for me last night.

Thinking about it now, it's a beautiful reminder of humility, and that I always get to dive deeper into self care

Rather than having sunk into self destruction and numb it out like I used to, I've chosen to address it head on.

In order to heal my worthiness wound + create change that will result in deeper self love, I get to first accept where I'm at.

I've come to realize that it's not at all possible to create any positive lasting change, or have an end result of self love if I take action from a place of fear.

I get to dive deep into the reality of where I'm at. Rather than me fighting and denying myself, my experience, and what the actual reality is - I can choose to accept it.

Accepting all of this does not mean I'm stuck here forever. It doesn't mean I'm giving myself permission to keep myself stuck in feeling not good enough - it simply means I'm being honest with myself.

That honesty - not seeing things as better than they are, or worse than they are, but as they REALLY are - is what will help create a foundation of love for myself.

Even if you're not currently in the thick of this + not actively feeling unworthy in some capacity, I invite you to dive in and do this deep work. Our self love journeys are never really done, and can always expand with more love.

If you'd like me to dive in deeper with you, let me know and I'm happy to share 💗