5 Things Not to Do Before Your Boudoir Photoshoot

Hello Gorgeous!

My very first introduction to boudoir was having stepped behind someone else's camera. I remember the feeling when I saw my images for the first time. In that instant I had the first experience in my life where I believed and truly felt that I was beautiful. My boudoir shoot was an eye-opener and completely changed the trajectory of my life (internship and new career anybody?).

I also remember the apprehension I had for doing something so far reaching from my comfort zone. The morning of my boudoir session I felt completely unprepared and beyond nervous. I had wished so badly that I been more prepared for being in front of the camera.

what not to do before your boudoir shoot

Over the years I have seen so many blog posts of things that everyone recommends to do for your boudoir shoot. Sure lots of times you see all the things you should do before your photoshoot.

But what you don't often hear about are the things that you should ALWAYS try to avoid before your boudoir photo shoot. So today we decided that we would bring you a list of things that we feel will really help for you to prepare for getting in front of the camera.


Here are our top 5 tips on what to avoid before your boudoir photo shoot with us:

1.) Crash diet

There are so many things wrong with the thought of restrictive diets, let alone ones that fall under the category of “Crash Diets”.


Not only is a crash diet terrible for your health, it will also mean that you will not have the energy for your boudoir session and that you won't be fully present in the moment if you can only think of how hungry you are during your session.

2.) Get a spray tan

Are you a fan of oranges? I am, of the fruit variety that is. Do you love oranges so much that you’d like to look like one during your photoshoot? No? Then don’t go for a spray tan. No matter how ‘natural’ they are, spray tans invariably give you skin reminiscent of the citrus fruit. Don't end up like Ross.


3.) Procrastinate


We go through all of these questions during your pre-shoot consultation, but here are some crucial questions to ask yourself in preparation of your boudoir photoshoot:

  • Do you need your images by a certain date?
  • Do you have your outfits all ready to go?
  • Have you decided what format of images you’d like to see your images in best?

4.) Miss your consultation

Remember the pre-shoot consultation we just mentioned above? Don't skip out on this with us. The consultation is one of the most crucial things to do in preparation for your boudoir session. Here is where we can answer ALL and ANY questions that you may have. There's no need to feel embarrassed or unsure if you should ask something that's weighing on your mind. We are here to help and want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. So ask away, that's what we're here for :)

5.) Beat yourself up

The single most important factor of your shoot is your attitude. When we're nervous about something, it can be so easy to get down on ourselves. But don't spend your time berating and beating yourself up when you could spend all that mental energy and time reassuring yourself of what we already know: That you are a beautiful woman and you deserve to feel that way.


Is there anything that you feel we missed on this list? Do you have any thoughts of what else we could have done to add to it? Leave us a comment in the section below or send us an email to let us know your thoughts!