5 Ways to Boost Body Confidence

When I was a kid I tried as hard as I could to stay away from doing anything that involved drawing attention to my body. I would try my best to avoid the beach, pools, anything involving wearing shorts, sports, etc..  I remember wearing jeans all through a heatwave because I didn't want to see my thighs. I felt as if my body was something too shameful to be seen in public.


As I have matured and grown, I have realized how ludicrous that was. I realize now that all bodies are beautiful. Our body -regardless of it's appearance is the machine that carry us through our life. They are the means to seeing our hopes, dreams and ambitions come to life. How can I not have appreciation for what my body does, imperfections and all?

So how did I make the shift from hate and embarrassment to love and gratitude of my body?

Here are 5 things I have done to help amp up the body love and acceptance:

  1. Have compassion:  If the dialogue going through your head is something you would never say to your best friend, then you need to stop saying it to yourself. Shifting thoughts takes time, so be gentle on yourself. Compassion makes the whole journey much easier.
  2. Realize that acceptance comes before love: Before you make it to a place where you LOVE each and every freckle, scar, bump, roll or 'imperfection' that you have, you need to accept your body as is. Accepting means that you need to stop comparing your body to any other person's. Once acceptance comes, then the love will follow.a87539218924665c4cac49c4880a9f9d
  3. Cut out the comparison: Throw away the fashion magazines. Turn off TMZ. Get away from the fitspo loving 'friends'.
    • In essence, ban anything that puts you into a mindset of comparison. When you begin comparing yourself to others, this ALWAYS brings negativity into the picture. Comparison and negativity are what breed self hate, so do all you can to distance and separate yourself from it's sources.
  4. Self care: During the times that you are treating yourself most harshly is when you need to buckle down on treating yourself well. Bashing your body? Treat yourself to a mani and pedi. Can't stop pinching what you think are the largest thighs in the mirror? Spend some time pampering yourself in a soothing bubble bath with epsom salts. And so it goes.
    • Making the shift to taking care of myself when I'm in a spin of self hate is one of the hardest things to do, but that's exactly when you need it most.
  5. Have a boudoir photoshoot: Yes, this may sound like an obvious one coming from a boudoir photographer. My introduction to boudoir photography was having a boudoir session of my own. It was the first time in my life I had ever felt remotely attractive, let alone felt beautiful. It helped me make peace with my body in ways I didn't know were possible. Being able to look back on those images years later and still feel just as good is an investment I won't ever regret.

Untitled-1There are still some days when I feel the furthest from beautiful, but I always keep these body confidence pointers close at hand when needed.

What are your tips on building body confidence? Leave a comment below or send us an email, I'd love to hear what you have to say!