Working as a boudoir photographer for Chelsey Luren Portraits in Vancouver, I am often asked by clients:

How do I prepare for my boudoir session? Is there anything I should do beforehand?

8 ways to prepare for your boudoir session

The simple answer to this is, ‘Yes there are things to do to prepare’. There are a few tips and pointers I always recommend to each and every one of my clients. Here are my guide for an 8 Step Prep For Your Boudoir Session:

1.) Hydrate: Drinking enough water in general is important, but it deserves extra thought prior to your photoshoot. Increase the amount of water you drink at least 1 week prior to your boudoir session. Well hydrated skin not only photographs wonderfully, but it helps to create a lovely healthy glow.

2.) Beauty sleep: Aim to get 2 nights of good sleep prior to your boudoir shoot. This will help to lessen any potential under eye circles and it will help make sure that you have enough energy to hold poses for longer spans of time.

3.) Manicure and pedicure: Your fingers and toes will be in a significant number of images. The little things are what make the difference between an okay image and a great one, so make sure that your nails are painted without chips. Having a mani and pedi done are a great way to pamper yourself before your once in a lifetime boudoir session.

4.) Pick your outfits: In an hour long session, there is usually enough time for 2-3 outfits. Feel free to bring more than this and we can help narrow down your choices. Choose what makes your feel beautiful. If you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel in a cozy sweater and lacy panties, wear that. If a corset and garter make you feel like a bombshell, wear that.

*Don’t forget heels and any jewellery you may want!*

5.) Pack your bag: Do this the night before your session. Being well prepared helps to keep you relaxed the day of and ensures that you don’t forget your favourite bra, your pumps or the jewellery your husband bought you for your anniversary.

6.) Boost body image: Confidence translates on camera. Spend time boosting your body image and realize that you are absolutely stunning. Check out this article for specific tips on how to love your body more. See the one below for a sneak peak!


7.) Hair and makeup: Before your session have both your hair and makeup professionally done. Camera makeup translates differently than everyday makeup which is why all of our boudoir sessions include professional makeup. It will ensure that all of your features are highlighted and emphasized on camera and give you the opportunity to take a breather before your session.

And finally..

8.) Relax! Your boudoir portrait session is an investment in yourself and for many women only happens once. Being relaxed and grounded will make sure that you get the most out of your session and really enjoy yourself.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you lovely ladies and celebrate your individual beauty during your boudoir session here at Chelsey Luren Portraits!