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I am so privileged to have the chance to work alongside such an amazing woman. Miss S. owns a business that specifically helps to boost the body image of each of her clients. Hungry for Happiness is an amazing local Vancouver company that coaches men and women who are recovering from eating disorders.

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The work that she does never ceases to amaze me and I am so honoured to consider her to be a friend, client and colleague all in one.

I had the opportunity to photograph Miss S. and she had dished the kindest words about her boudoir photoshoot with us here at Chelsey Luren Portraits. I am so honoured to share them with you here today!  

I am not about positive thinking - I am about positive being.

Don't try and 'love your body' when you're in a state of hatred - go deeper, get more deliberate - get to the depths of where those emotions are coming from and face them with every ounce of your being.

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After much resistance, I finally, did a boudoir shoot with the incredible Chelsey Luren Dixon to allow myself to really step into my feminine and love my body throughout this entire process. I felt so alive and connected. The whole experience was healing and brought me into an even heightened state of self love and body love.

... Go feel what it feels like to fall back in love with yourself and bring yourself back to your body."

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The whole experience was healing and brought me into an even heightened state of self love and body love.
— Miss S.

Every interaction I have with this beautiful woman makes me feel such an incredible amount of gratitude. She is creating a powerful global movement of positive body image and mental health. Check out her Facebook page her to learn a bit more about her and what she's creating!  

Special thanks to Lindsay MacLean of Lindsay MacLean Makeup for doing such an incredible job on Miss S's makeup and hair on this Vancouver boudoir photoshoot!

XOXO, Chelsey Luren

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