Behind the Scenes Vancouver Boudoir Shoot with Chelsey Luren Portraits

Have you ever wondered what a boudoir session is like with Chelsey Luren Portraits?

Boudoir Photographer Vancouver - Chelsey Luren Portraits - Behind the Scenes Video

Well it's time to wonder no longer. We know that there can be so many questions before deciding to book a boudoir photoshoot, so we decided to create a beautiful behind the scenes video for you.

This video shows you:

  • What one of our beautiful studio setups looks like
  • What it's like to relax and get beautified before the session with Lilia Afsahi
  • As well as the direction that you receive from Chelsey when in front of the camera
    • Wait... Did you think that you had to know all the poses before you came into the studio? Think again! We show you the poses first! And no we'll never tell you to "look sexy" either!

Take a look at our quick video below for a more indepth idea of what your boudoir photoshoot with us will look like!

There are a few to thank for making this video a reality here and we are SO GRATEFUL to each and every one of them!

  • We wanted to give a very big thank you to my good friend Chantel Stauning for her hard work on the videography of this - it would not have come to life the way it has without her time and effort.
  • Lilia Afsahi - Her level of skill, professionalism and love of the artistry of hair and makeup is unparalleled. Thank you for the work you do each and every shoot!
  • Thank you to Tease Lux Lingerie for providing the beautiful outfits to our gorgeous model Ena for the day!
  • Thank you to Ena Vehabovic for being such an amazing model! We love being able to bring women's very first boudoir sessions to life for them.

Do you have more questions for us about what our sessions include? Be sure to check out our Q&A and send us an email here!