Vancouver Boudoir Sessions for Eating Disorder Survivors by Chelsey Luren Portraits


I am so excited for this announcement, I’ve honestly been waiting more than a month to make it!

In the month of November 2015 we are going to be offering complimentary boudoir sessions to any women who have survived an eating disorder. All of the gifted sessions include hair and makeup and a one hour photoshoot - a $250 value!!

Why are we offering complimentary sessions?

I think this is the biggest question I am going to be asked with this announcement. And to be honest I have been debating whether or not to share this. And I am terrified to say it aloud for everyone to hear.

November is the anniversary month for my own recovery journey.

Every year I make a point of honouring my own victory and progress and this November marks my fifth year of recovery. 5 YEARS! I want to/need to celebrate that in a big way! And I could not think of a better way to do that than this.


Boudoir photography helped to heal me in ways I never would have anticipated and I want to share my gift with other women. I cannot wait for this. 

You’re beautiful, let us help you feel it!

Please call us at 778.385.2225 or send us an email at Space is limited, so book today!