Vancouver Boudoir Photoshoot Session - Chelsey Luren Portraits

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.

If you're looking for an excuse to do a boudoir session, why does it have to be for another person? Why can't your reason for doing a boudoir photoshoot be that you want a confidence boost and a strong self esteem? Or that you feel like celebrating where you are right in this very moment? Or that you just really, really want to?

Or another question to ask yourself is, What's wrong with being confident? Yes, that's a nod to our gal Demi - give this song a listen if you haven't heard it already!

Don't wait to do a boudoir session. Embrace how you are NOW. Celebrate who you are NOW. Learn to accept and love who you are NOW.

Inhale the confidence. Exhale the doubt.

XOXO, Chelsey

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