Day of Love | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Ahh, February 14th.

The one day of the year that people shift their focus to love. 

Queue eye roll.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love love. All those feel good feelings that circulate, and get the blood pumping. But the fact of the matter is this:

In order to love another person wholly, we need to first have that for ourself.

Self love is where the real goodness is at. To have compassion, and acceptance of all of our messiness and perceived ‘flaws’. The love we can feel for another person begins and ends with us first. 

So this then begs the question:

What are you doing to love yourself more?

To help out in answering that, I’m really excited to offer this free workbook to you.

I designed the “You Are What You Believe” workbook with the intention of helping set you free from old beliefs that you have. Old beliefs that keep self love at bay. 

So join me and start feeling the love that you really want, by starting inwards first.

Head here to grab your free copy of the workbook!

If you have any questions about anything within it, don’t hesitate even for a second to reach out to me. That’s what I’m here for :) 

XOXO, Chelsey