Hello Gorgeous,

I hereby dub thee Feel Fabulous Friday.

As a continuation on from Tuesday's post about the 4 Worst Excuses for Not Doing a Boudoir Session, I found this amazing quote while perusing the interwebs and decidedly had to share it.

I realize that many of you may have seen it before, but I couldn't believe how timely it was that I came across it.

if its important - vancouver boudoir photography

I really cannot emphasize how much I firmly believe that all women are beautiful. We need to stop telling ourselves lies that we can't go for what we really want. We need to stop making excuses for doing the very things that sustain us and help to keep us grounded and whole.

This is a HUGE part of building confidence and self esteem. Give yourself permission to feel good. Let yourself take that risk you've been wanting to. Make that change you need so badly but have been afraid to.

It's time that you give yourself permission to feel like the woman you truly are. Embrace what makes you feel beautiful and allow yourself to feel that way.

You're gorgeous, I can't wait to capture your beauty.