Hello Lovelies! I hope that everyone has been having an amazing week, am I the only one who found that it flew by??

I have some news!

We are pleased to introduce to you all a blog series that we're bringing to you on the first Friday of each month! Everyone, meet Femme Fridays. Femme Fridays, meet Everyone.

For all of you who have asked yourselves:

"How will I know what style I want for my boudoir photoshoot?"


"I'm freaking out, I have my boudoir photo shoot, I don't know what to wear!"

This series is for you.

So what is Femme Friday? In our Femme Fridays posts we will offer you our expert advice on:

  • What makeup to wear
  • What lingerie looks to choose
  • Potential hair stylings


  • Cute accessories to pair it all with.

To sum up:

What to wear for your boudoir photoshoot in a nutshell.

Now just to give you all an idea of what to expect on the first Friday of May (And June and July and so on), we thought we would give you a quick little sneaky peak of the Femme Fridays today!

Femme Friday - Classic


Image Credit: Polyvore

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