Love Letter to My Body

Hello all!

Recently I found an article on this blog HERE that included a letter one woman wrote to her body after a lifetime of self-hate struggles.


As a woman who has felt very much the same as the author of this letter, I found that reading along with this made for a rather emotional journey for me. These are the parts that really got to me the most:

Dear thighs, I’m so sorry I’ve hated you all these years. I still can’t bring myself to wear shorts after that dreadful afternoon… but I promise, I’ll try. Oh, and I find it amusing that you were The Thing my husband loved most about me when he met me. Thank you for that.

This one in particular made it hard to not let the tears well up.

A few years later, I focused my hatred on my stomach. You just wouldn’t lay flat like the other girl’s stomachs would. It wasn’t fair. I resorted to diet pills during our school lunch breaks to make you listen. It was stupid. I was a kid. I just wanted you to go away.

Dear tummy, you’re still not flat, but I realize now you were never as flabby as I thought you were. In fact, I think I treasure you most now – you made room for The Babe and for that I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you.

The letter keeps going; along with my tears keep as I make my way through it haha.

I’ve wasted far too many years wishing you were different. And it’s gotten me nowhere.

You were given to me. No, you were entrusted to me as an earthly vessel while I get to walk this earth. Ilove you, dear body. I want you, dear body. I accept you, dear body.

Thank you for carrying my heart and soul. We will have but a breath together. Let’s make it count.

To read the full article, click on the link here.

I'm wondering if  you have ever made an attempt at writing a love letter to yourself? If not, what have you found to be helpful and healing when working through those sort of thoughts and emotions? Leave me a comment below or send me an email to let me know!