Power Talk Tuesday:  Kristin Price Holistic Nutrition & Coaching

Power Talk Tuesdays: This series is one that I am so passionate about. Though I am an artist through an through, I am more importantly a business woman.

My love of and talent for glamour and boudoir portrait photography is simply my vehicle of choice for business here in Vancouver. I am so passionate about being an entrepreneur. I breathe it, eat it, sleep it.  

Even with a driving passion and enthusiasm, entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. There is so much hard work and long hours that go into it - many of which are spent alone.  Being surrounded by likeminded people is so important. Giving as much support as possible to other business people out there helps to bring that support back around. And those who are hustling and slaying at what they do deserve recognition.

That is the premise and purpose of this series. To give support, love and props to all of those talented and passionate people who are working so hard to make their dreams come alive.

That is the premise and purpose of this series. To give support, love and props to all of those talented and passionate people who are working so hard to make their dreams come alive.
— Chelsey Luren Dixon
Power Talk Tuesday with Chelsey Luren Portraits: Kristin Price

Today on our blog, I am so excited to have the Founder and CEO of Kristin Price Holistic Nutrition & Coaching here in Vancouver, Canada.

Twitter: @_KristinPrice_
Instagram: @kristin.price
FB: www.facebook.com/gemsinourhands

Here is our interview with the beautiful and incredibly talented Kristin Price:

Chelsey Luren Dixon: Tell us a bit about your business!

Kristin Price: I work primarily with woman who are motivated, go-getters and brilliant, and who think work-life balance is a great idea but just can’t seem to implement it. For us, it’s never just about ourselves - we have a bigger vision that we’re dedicated to becoming a reality but have reached the edge of what we can accomplish by burning the candle at both ends.

I offer a personalized coaching program where I work one on one with clients to first identify where you didn’t know you were holding yourself back, fully source your wellness foundation and create a plan of how you will do it sustainably, and create new ways of being that will allow you break out of the patterns that are holding you back and achieve sustainable results past where you were previously able to go.

CLD: As an entrepreneur, how did you get your start and what keeps you motivated? 

KP: I got started when I decided to go back to school part-time for holistic nutrition, because I was passionate about health and wellness and wanted to learn more. I was out for dinner one night with my mentor at a great vegetarian restaurant, and I was talking about the food and how I loved it was local, healthy and beautifully prepared and he stopped me, took a photo, and said something along the lines of “look at how lit up you are right now. This is your thing, do it.” I quit my corporate job, took a year long life coaching program and made the leap to starting my own business in health coaching.  

Being an entrepreneur can be inspiring, motivating, soul-fulfilling, and difficult and defeating. It’s not all glamorous, and I like to talk about that and have that reality on my social media. The best thing to get me re-energized is connecting with other entrepreneurs to talk about where our businesses are going, how we can support one another, and create what I refer to as an upward spiral of energy. Having a network of other people facing their fears and going through the roller coaster normalizes when I have the lulls or “I can’t do it” moments, and reminds me of the bigger picture of what I’m doing.

CLD: Is there a specific point of wisdom or inspiration for you that you've tried to incorporate to your business?

KP: When I think of one word that describes what I do and what inspires me, it’s Connection. Health isn’t just what we put in our body, it also includes mental and emotional factors. It’s about reducing stress, making lifestyle modifications, looking at mindset and limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, looking at what defences we have put up inside ourselves that are blocking us from actually achieving the goals we have. It’s an all-body approach to health - connecting physically to our body through food, and emotionally and mentally through mindset; connecting with others and being truly seen; and connecting to the environment by being conscious of what products we put on ourselves, how they were made and where they came from.

CLD: What do you do for yourself to stay grounded, balanced and healthy?

Power Talk Tuesdays - Chelsey Luren Portraits - Kristin Price

KP: This is something that I’ve learned the hard way to prioritize. Even with all the knowledge I have, I still sometimes struggle with actually taking time off to source myself. It’s that “I’ll do it later” or “just one more thing” syndrome. I believe that when we stop, close our eyes and connect with ourselves our body will tell us what the best thing to do to source our wellness is. What is critical for me in having sustainable health and balance is having a support structure who can hold me accountable or take part in what I’m doing.

For example, I started working with a personal trainer (because he pushes me past my comfort zone and I won’t cancel last minute if I’m meeting someone); my naturopath prescribed me 30min walks in nature daily (which I also do for clients - I find this helps combat the voice that says “no! You should be working!” when I’ve got doctor's orders); my coach for weekly support, insight and actions; and scheduling time in the week for solo time - a epson salt bath, phoneless Fridays, meditation, yoga, or making a really delicious and healthy meal. It gets easier the more you practice!

CLD: How important do you feel that body positivity, and self care are? Do you feel that these factors hold any impact on you as an entrepreneur?

KP: It is THE most important thing. Our wellness is the foundation from which everything else is built upon - self confidence, clarity of thought, motivation, energy, innovation, creativity, to name a few. The words we tell ourselves is the reality we will see, so it’s so important to be doing the inner work to achieve any business or other life goals.

CLD: As a woman, I'm sure that you've at one point witnessed body image issues that have a tendency to run rampant for females in our society. Do you have a personal body image and confidence tip that you swear by?

Chelsey Luren Portraits - Power Talk Tuesday

KP: Yes for sure. One impact I noticed recently was when I went to the Women In Film festival a few months ago. There were 5 short films over a couple of hours, and I actually felt a shift in how I viewed myself in the following weeks - I was more self accepting and less critical after seeing real woman acting in roles that didn’t just have them as a pretty face. I did the boudoir session with you for myself to have beautiful images of me that I could look at and compliment myself on.

One confidence tip is when I notice myself being critical, to immediately switch the message and tell myself that I love whatever body part I was critical of. And, stop comparing myself to others!    

CLD: Any other thoughts you care to share with the world about yourself and your business?

KP: My journey this last year has been focused on vulnerability and accepting my own humanity (and letting go of perfectionism) because I wanted to be truly seen, as scary as that idea was to me. I had built up so many defenses within myself to try and be the most lovable I could be, and stopping playing that (losing) game with myself and just being me was huge access to freedom. I see such a crossover in the work we do with that - embracing ourselves for who we are and not who we think we should be. I love your philosophy, and you’re an incredible photographer - thank you for bringing your gift to women!  

Thank you so much Kristin for having taken the time out of your busy schedule to answer our interview questions. 

I am so honoured to have been able to interview you and shine the spotlight on you and the amazing work that you do!

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XOXO, Chelsey

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