Hello Beauties! I don't know about any of you, but I myself am a big fan of Buzzfeed.

Yes, the lists they offer can be a bit of a time suck - anybody else love their reminders of the 80's and 90's? But this one: "29 Times Celebrities Had The Best Damn Responses To Questions About Their Bodies" was too perfect to not paraphrase here today.

I've decided to put some of my favourites from Buzzfeed's list here for you all to enjoy!

2. When Emma Stone wondered why the hell she was being asked about her physical appearance when she has a personality.


5. When Adele was asked whether she felt “pressure” to lose weight and pointed out that she actually hasn’t done too badly by just being her damn self.


9. When Mindy Kaling had zero time for patronising comments about her body.


10. When Lady Gaga reminded us that criticism about her weight came from everyone OTHER than herself.


“You were getting criticised about your weight. During this time, seeing those photos, seeing those fans’ posts, did that help you get a healthier self-esteem?”

“Well, you know… My self-esteem was fine. It was everybody else’s problem. I didn’t have a problem with my weight. The world did.”

17. When Keira Knightley perfectly summed up how women often feel they can’t win.

tumblr_nf23rpF4gx1qicibqo1_250tumblr_nf23rpF4gx1qicibqo2_250tumblr_nf23rpF4gx1qicibqo3_250tumblr_nf23rpF4gx1qicibqo4_250 Reporter: "You described a woman’s body like a battleground. What did you mean?" Kiera: “It certainly seems like you can’t get anything right. You’re either too thin or too fat. Or your boobs are too big or too small, or your legs aren’t long enough or they’re too long or too short. And I think there’s a certain point where you go, ‘You know what, I think we have to relax a bit on all of these, and nobody’s perfect, or everybody’s perfect in different ways, but the differences are what’s important.”


All of the women who were featured in this post have so much talent and are so successful in their field. It's such a shame that rather than focusing on that, the emphasis from their interviews is placed on their appearances and bodies. That being said, all of the responses that they've given are the perfect answers to redirect to what's of actual importance.

If you've ever had anybody ask about your weight rather than you as a person or your actual successes, try to remember these women when giving your response!