Vancity Business Babes | Mompreneur 2016 | Photographed by Vancouver Portrait Photographer Chelsey Luren Portraits

Yesterday was a loooong day. And by loooong day, I mean 17 hours long - any other entrepreneurs out there who start working at 5 am and go until 10pm?

Chelsey Luren Portraits - Vancity Business Babes: Mompreneur Mingle

But regardless of the length of the day it was amazing. A day spent doing exactly what I love to do will leave me tired, but never drained.

I started off the morning with a maternity shoot with one of our VIP Ambassadors - there's more to come on that in the upcoming weeks ;) I cannot wait to share the images from that with you all!

As with any business, there are many things that go on behind the scenes. Yesterday afternoon happened to be full of admin, bookkeeping, blogging, consultations, and other business essentials.

I had the privilege of photographing some seriously amazing local entrepreneurs and all around awesome women at the Vancity Business Babes Mompreneur event last night. Thank you Danielle for arranging such a beautiful event!

Here are the vendors and sponsors that were a part of the Mompreneur Mingle:

Chelsey Luren Portraits - Vancity Business Babes: Mompreneur Mingle

When I think about the 17 hour days like today; the ones that are really more common than someone might think, I am always blown away by the women who successfully run both a business and are simultaneously raising a family. With the amount of time and effort I put into my glamour and boudoir photography studio, I cannot imagine tacking on more than my husband into the mix.

If you are a mom and a business owner, you seriously need to pat yourself on the back and give yourself a round of applause. 

Kudos to each of the fantastic speakers last night, as well as to the vendors at the VCBB: Mompreneur event last night! 

To any of the vendors, sponsors or attendees who would like a copy of their image, please contact me and I will get you hooked up with it!

XOXO, Chelsey

PS. Another big thank you goes out to Mathilde Fabry of Petit Loulou for letting me carpool along with her! She has some seriously beautiful toys for your littles. If you haven't yet, you should check out her collections of handmade plushies here.  

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